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What exactly is this “Be You”? Why people always talk about being self? Is it this Important?

Have you ever looked yourself up in the mirror and questioned what you actually are going through? What you are dealing with?

Most of the times we are so busy with our on-going duties that we completely forget what we are here for. We all are in a phase where we have lost our souls and all that are present with us are our bodies asking us to fulfill the upcoming responsibilities of life. And when these bodies feel exhausted they overdo things that excite them in just 2 days or sometimes in just 7 days. Why can’t we have it all day? What’s Stopping You?

The Right Preference Matters

Instead of viewing the darker side, indeed look at the brighter side. Contrary to hating things around you, find love in the tiny little things. Rather than focusing on absence, why not focus on what’s present. It completely depends on YOU, which side you prefer in your life. The One where you choose to be HAPPY with all the tiny little things that you have Or the One where you choose to be SAD for things that you don’t have. It’s You, Just You and how you consider it to be.

Being You. It takes a whole lot of courage to even be you. Yeah you heard exactly right. At times, people tend to change their decisions when they discover their circle having the mutual thoughts and they being the odd one out about having different thoughts which doesn’t help them put forth about their own self in their circles. Disheartening part, but true though.

Almost always, we end up captivating others. We present ourselves in such a way, where people feel comfortable. When will we stop living for others, and just be us. Try to be You, In the world full of people trying to be Someone, why not setting yourself as a mark of inspiration to others by just being you. If someone doesn’t like the way you are, just be you. Redundant of what they want you to be.

What does it even take to be JUST YOU? I believe NOTHING. You just need to be Confident about yourself, Courageous about your thoughts, Proud of your Potentials, Happy about your appearance and Considering flaws as your strengths.

What it takes to BE YOU?

Love. It’s as simple. When you completely love yourself, the way you look, about the journey you have passed this far, the struggles that you have overcome, your abilities that helped you gain your identity, the qualities that build a better version of You each day. When you fall in love with all these things, the feeling of love awakens fresh thoughts in you.

When someone doesn’t accept you the way you are, you try to be the change of their thought version of you. Most of the times, the transitions that we bring within us is not because of us, but because of others who want us to be in certain way. Why aren’t we enough courageous to possess who we are? Start accepting yourself, doesn’t really matter who takes up.


Accept yourself the way you are, the world will start accepting you. The perception of world should never be the obstacle. Be You.

~Sakshi Arvind Mahindrakar

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