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Being Busy, But Not Actually Busy.

Have you ever been busy but not actually busy? Were you free but busy?

These might be sounding quite quirky to you, strange but true. Most of the times we end up being busy but when we get into the calculations of our daily activities we end up doing nothing productive.

Has it ever happened to you?

We often end up with these situations and lack in figuring out why it’s happening with us.


The Clutter present in your mind. Our thoughts work in such a in-depth manner which makes our mind so busy that it doesn’t allow us to do any other activities physically. Our minds play a powerful role of weapon in our lives. When you hold thoughts in your mind, leading to continuous process of your mind which doesn’t let you do basic activities.


  • Feeling Uneasy.
  • Unwilling to do any work.
  • Discouraged most of the times.
  • Overload of thoughts.


The Main Cause of destruction is Overthinking. Might be questioning how’s that even relate to this scenario. Overthinking leads to clutter, when you think too much about a certain topic you do not just end up with one conclusion but rather come with three or four opinions leading you to a dilemmatic situation. This will completely deteriorate your situation. All we need to do is just think about the situation once and take a firm decision without any regrets later about the same.


Clarity. Yes, there we go. Clarity about Ourselves, Our decisions, Our daily routines, Our goals, aims, achievements, financial plans, mental health and what not. Clarity helps you move through an accurate path and once you adapt this into your life you will be least distracted with your future on going activities. It sticks you to a single route, in case failed for Plan A then Plan B primed up.

Bringing Clarity is the key factor in Ones life!

Sakshi Arvind Mahindrakar

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