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Evolution of Women.

Women are the one who cannot be easily defined in words. Let us discuss how women have evolved so far and how the changes got adopted.

Truth behind educating her.

Earlier, girl’s education was not taken as a priority rather parents used to teach them all the household chores from their childhood . But now, parent’s have been very supportive with respect to educating a girl child to an extent where they can financially be stable.

Fact about raising her voice.

By then, women were treated like slaves in their in-laws house and were supposed to not raise their voice just to respect the elders. Her parents sayings about respecting and not arguing led her to give up herself completely even in situations where she was completely right. But now, women have started raising their voice. Instead of tolerating quietly they are taking their stand.

Reality of divorce

By that time, Divorce was considered a woman’s mistake and people had a topic to gossip about. Even when it’s the opposite gender’s mistake, the blame was stated to a woman itself. She always used to go through her neighbours or relatives jeer’s. But now, Only some people are accepting the fact of getting separated from your partner but rest of them still carry the same perception on the matter of divorce.

Untold judgements behind clothes.

Initially, girls’ and women were judged on the basis of clothes that they would wear. If she wears revealing clothes or tight jeans she was named as characterless and till now the same continues. Only some people have broadened their minds. But it’s very sad to see women judging women and gossiping. I wish we let others live their lives the way they wish too by not commenting.

Right teachings do matter.

Girls have always been informed and taught to be reserved in front of boys . They teach girls how to behave. They are said to be alert and be careful. But, Boys were never taught how to respect women in true sense without abusing them in public places and making fun of their weight, size, complexion etc. etc.,. Right teachings do matter as none of the gender holds license to act in favour of abusing, ragging, harassing the opposite gender.

Liberty to choose.

Over a period of time, her independence was considered as her tantrums and not a wish to be accomplished. People were never supportive, especially in-laws and even parents at times. But now, parents and in-laws have evolved to an extent where they are respecting a woman’s decision.

Secrets beyond relationships.

Decade ago, if a girl is in a relationship she is called “characterless” and named as cheapo and many more things but same if the opposite gender does then it’s stated as ” Boys are boys” and still in some cities of India people carry misconceptions about this.

The question is WHY? WHY? WHY?

A picture of a woman is always imagined in the kitchen, handling kids, taking responsibility for the in-laws’ family, being the whole of a cultured one without stating her requirements, her willingness to do something, without arguing with elders. When they wish to do something they always get provoked .

t’s a sad truth that kids usually blame their working mothers stating that it’s not her work instead that her work is in doing all the household chores. And what’s really the mistake of these kids?  As it has started from generations and now when we are breaking the generations on-going concepts it levelled up the difficulties for others to accept the change.

Wives are meant to cook food. So if a husband cooks food, the rest of them feel pity on him.Why can’t we normalize men cooking? Is it written in some old books? Was there any such protocol to be followed up? Even women themselves feel pity if their partners are helping them in household chores. Why Can’t we just normalize men helping their women?

They are delegated with a burden of responsibilities around them which creates them a restrictive zone. It is always said that a woman should seek permission from their husbands, parents or elder members of the family.

It is never the talk of “ALLOWING” despite it’s the question of respecting her decision. It doesn’t just end up with these things, these are just the tiny little things I have narrated about but they are so many things which form up a circle connecting situations to one another.

Let’s Start with You. Be a CHANGE which the world wants to see. Instead of pointing to others, let’s start by changing the unwanted things that are taking place. Let us adopt changes to make others’ futures better and smooth.

Don’t think of her as a burden, think of her as a bright future.

Never keep her in a cage, instead show her the world outside the cage.

Instead of adding restrictions, weed out some to give her liberty.

She is strong inside out.

She can never fall in the garden of comparison.

She is light.

She is that tiny little hope of tomorrow.

Rather judging her body, Understand her.

Why set her boundaries ? And why not to the opposite gender.

Why Women’s Decisions Get “Allowed”. Instead respecting her decision.

I hope this article will help you adopt small changes in your life. Because these are the little things that matter in one’s life as a major one. If you learn from these lessons then you can make greater changes in your life and bring great impact in others lives. Respect, Value, Time, Honesty this is what it takes at last. If you don’t hold these things in your life, then it seems meaningless . Let us awaken others of  old thought by modernizing them with a new thought so that there is a hope of developing the undeveloped changes taking place from many years. It doesn’t start from reading or writing, rather it starts from acting.

~A new thoughtful you today is one step ahead to a worthier future~

~Sakshi Arvind Mahindrakar

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