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The Untold Feeling In Practice Of Unfold.

What is exactly untold and unsaid? Is it left Unsaid? Is it killed within or screaming to unfold ?Let’s see!

At times, we tend to keep it within ourselves and not let others know what we actually are going through. Why do we do this? Is it because these people are introverts and don’t love to open up?

NO, In most of the cases people feel uncomfortable to unfold the untold feelings to people as they believe that they are surrounded by the atmosphere where their thoughts are never understood and respected instead are always named negatively which demotivates them to open up about what they are going through.

Are we scared by our own thoughts that the outside energy can easily vanish away our feelings? Can this be the reason too?

It usually happens when you are not strong and stable enough with your own thoughts about having it achieved. These circumstances usually lead to fluctuations of your self-made decisions, which lead to stuck in the phase of dilemma. You have to be very strong enough to state what you feel and to be stable about your self-made decision.

So the best thing to follow is:

They are people who come through your path, who demotivate you, who will be the hurdle of your journey but you need to assure yourself to always be the one who sticks with your plans until and unless they have achieved. Let others’ opinions be the stepping stones of your journey.

Unfold your feelings without any hesitation and develop self-confidence so that no distractions can come your way. The Untold feelings mostly impact to on the negativity, depression, anxiety and opting for wrong decisions. So Unfold the untold one and be the change!!

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